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Our Multi-Use oils will leave your skin feeling strong, radiant and healthy. Each one has it's specific use for your skin. Made with all organic ingredients. From Natural oils such as jojoba oil to sunflower oil. Botanicals flowers such as blue sunflowers to chamomile. And a pinch of essential oils for fragrance. I recommend that you apply 3 dots before bed on the face. You can also apply anywhere on the body, face or scalp.


Jasmine Rose- perfect for new mommies and stretch marks. Also, good to help reduce acne scaring. Remember when washing your face to always wash with warm water to open and clean your pores and rinse with cool water to close your pores. To keep daily bacteria from intering your pores. This is what gives you acne in most cases. 


Texas Babe is our everyday use oil. and it gives your skin its radiance.  


Calm Sunday's is perfect for those no make up days. It goes well with those days out in the sun or just out by the pool.


ZOENAE | Multi-Use Oils (2 oz.)

  • Does contain essential oils for fragrance. No perfumes added

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